Emma Twait & a Master’s Program in Europe!

I joined Psi Chi because I wanted to make more connections with other psychology students. By being a part of Psi Chi, I have been able to make those connections I wanted, and I have learned a great deal about UNCW’s psychology department, the kind of research my colleagues are doing, and the career paths available after graduation.
It’s kind of funny how I looked for programs abroad. I was able to finish my degree in 3 years, but I was unable to make time to study for and take the GRE. I was really craving a new environment, and I knew that pursuing a program in the U.S. would be out of reach without taking the GRE. So, I began to look abroad. I’d been all over Europe last summer, and I did a lot of traveling by myself, so I felt very confident in my ability to evolve to new situations and cultures. I found that programs abroad do not take GRE scores, and are a lot cheaper than American schools.
I applied for the program I did because a great proportion of their Master’s students are international, so I knew I would get to meet a diverse array of people in my program. The school I’m going to, Maastricht University, offers fMRI training to students, and it’s always been a goal of mine to work with fMRIs in my research. I also love how their faculty come from all over the world and are doing work on topics I’m very interested in.
I got into a one year Master’s program in neuropsychology. The first half of the program I will spend taking Master’s courses in psychopathology, neuroscience, and preparing for research. The second half of my program will either be solely doing research for a thesis, or pursuing clinical work and research. I am unsure which path I will take yet.
I would tell current and future members of Psi Chi to make all your decisions following your heart. The only reason I was able to graduate a year early is because I absolutely love psychology. Take classes that you love, do research that you love, and be grateful for your education and for the passion of learning more about humanity.

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