Psi Chi Experiences

Out of Darkness Walk 2017

Another great walk which aimed to raise suicide awareness within our community. The Out of Darkness walk took place on Sunday November 5, 2017 in Wrightsville Beach. Again, thank you to all of the Psi Chi members who came and showed their support and/or volunteered.

Psi Chi Experiences

NAMI Awareness Walk 2017

This year’s NAMI awareness walk had a wonderful turn out of students, mental health advocates, and community members. The walk took place in Hugh Macrae Park on Saturday November 4, 2017. Thank you to everyone who showed up to raise awareness within our community!


UNCW’s new psychology clinic introduced at colloquium meeting 10/17

The Psychology Department announced its plans for the new clinic at the colloquium meeting on October 17, 2017. Drs. Keith, Bachmeyer, Cariveau, Van Camp, and Mackain discussed how the new clinic will not only provide unique training experiences for students but will also provide much-needed services to Wilmington and surrounding areas. The clinic will have two sides: Applied behavior analysis and adult clinical. The clinic building is located on S. College Road across from the UNCW campus; it will contain 4 testing/therapy rooms. The #1 mission of the clinic is to provide education and training. This is a very exciting time to be in the UNCW Psychology Department!


Emma Twait & a Master’s Program in Europe!

I joined Psi Chi because I wanted to make more connections with other psychology students. By being a part of Psi Chi, I have been able to make those connections I wanted, and I have learned a great deal about UNCW’s psychology department, the kind of research my colleagues are doing, and the career paths available after graduation.
It’s kind of funny how I looked for programs abroad. I was able to finish my degree in 3 years, but I was unable to make time to study for and take the GRE. I was really craving a new environment, and I knew that pursuing a program in the U.S. would be out of reach without taking the GRE. So, I began to look abroad. I’d been all over Europe last summer, and I did a lot of traveling by myself, so I felt very confident in my ability to evolve to new situations and cultures. I found that programs abroad do not take GRE scores, and are a lot cheaper than American schools.
I applied for the program I did because a great proportion of their Master’s students are international, so I knew I would get to meet a diverse array of people in my program. The school I’m going to, Maastricht University, offers fMRI training to students, and it’s always been a goal of mine to work with fMRIs in my research. I also love how their faculty come from all over the world and are doing work on topics I’m very interested in.
I got into a one year Master’s program in neuropsychology. The first half of the program I will spend taking Master’s courses in psychopathology, neuroscience, and preparing for research. The second half of my program will either be solely doing research for a thesis, or pursuing clinical work and research. I am unsure which path I will take yet.
I would tell current and future members of Psi Chi to make all your decisions following your heart. The only reason I was able to graduate a year early is because I absolutely love psychology. Take classes that you love, do research that you love, and be grateful for your education and for the passion of learning more about humanity.