UNCW’s new psychology clinic introduced at colloquium meeting 10/17

The Psychology Department announced its plans for the new clinic at the colloquium meeting on October 17, 2017. Drs. Keith, Bachmeyer, Cariveau, Van Camp, and Mackain discussed how the new clinic will not only provide unique training experiences for students but will also provide much-needed services to Wilmington and surrounding areas. The clinic will have two sides: Applied behavior analysis and adult clinical. The clinic building is located on S. College Road across from the UNCW campus; it will contain 4 testing/therapy rooms. The #1 mission of the clinic is to provide education and training. This is a very exciting time to be in the UNCW Psychology Department!


Officer Announcements

Hi all,

Thanks to those of you who came out to our first meeting last night! We had a good turn out and hope to see even more of you at the next one!

Also, below are a few announcements from our officers:

Elexis Hollingsworth, President:

Please read over the Mission Statement and Purpose Statement for members of Psi Chi. It will hopefully give you all a glimpse as to what being a part of this organization is truly about.

Kayla Barnes, Vice President:

Please click this link to the Google Forum about the Induction Ceremony Interest and fill out ASAP!!

Lindsey Johnson, Secretary:

Please email me your intended graduation date by January 31st.

Here is the form to fill out to document your points:

Katie Kerupetski, Treasurer:

Here is a link to the Psych Department apparel orders

Scott Hannah, Philanthropy Coordinator:

Just a reminder that we have a fundraiser at Islands on Monday, January 25th from 5-10pm.

Brie Lingao, Public Relations:

Please add yourself to our Facebook page so we can keep you updated on events easier!

Caitrin Curtis, Historian:

To encourage conversation among members, to add some zazz to our wordpress, and to learn about each other’s experience as students, we are starting something new this semester! We are going to have Psi Chi members “take over the blog” and write about an experience they’ve had as a student at UNCW. The posts can be about a class that you took (or a professor) that inspired you to pursue grad school, how you’ve become involved in research, how psychology is preparing you for a professional school, a volunteer experience, why you chose to major in psych, or really anything that you think other members may be interested in! (Get creative with it&#X1f60a) A blog post will be worth 0.5 points and anyone can submit a blog post to me at any time ( I’m going to be reaching out to the seniors throughout the semester with hopes that they will write one for us. Be on the lookout for the posts next week! Send me an email if you have any questions.


Welcome Back Announcements

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful break and first day back in classes! Below are some announcements from our officers. It’s a lot so bear with but please read carefully as there is some important information.

Vice President-Kayla Barnes: Reminder that induction is on 04/16. More details will be announced soon.

Secretary-Lindsey Johnson: Our first meeting is on Wednesday, January 20th at 7:30 in TL 1052.

The calendar has been updated with our meetings for the semester and other important events!

The member points list has also been updated for this semester and can be looked at here:

Please notify me by January 31st of your intended graduation date so that we can have a rough estimate for how many people will be graduating in upcoming semesters.

We will be having our officer elections for the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 term on 02/17 so be sure to be at that meeting so that you can hear more.

College of Arts and Sciences is hosting a 1 mile and 5K event on Homecoming weekend. Learn more here –

Treasurer: Katie Kerupetski: If you owe dues, they are due on Feb. 8th. The new member dues are $75 and returning dues are $10. If you paid in fall, you do not need to pay in spring, however if you were inactive in fall you will need to pay by this deadline

Philanthropy- Scott Hannah: On Monday, 1/25 from 5-10p, Psi Chi will be hosting a fundraiser at Islands on Racine. 10% of all proceeds will go to Psi Chi. We will have a second fundraiser later in the semester – location TBD. We are trying to decide between McAlister’s and Jason’s Deli. Feel free to email me with your preference. We are also hoping to do another raffle, since last semester’s was a great success. I am looking forward to having a great Spring semester with you all! And as always, feel free to contact me with thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns!

Public Relations- Brieana Lingao: If you know of anyone interested in joining Psi Chi here is some additional information and the application!